D center Baltimore is a broad cross-section of disciplines and individuals invested in improving and encouraging design—in all its iterations—in the Baltimore region. D center's members believe design thinking has the capacity to change the world and that banding together in creative collaboration will greatly improve the quality of urban life.

Our Core Beliefs:
1. The city and the region will be strengthened by an increased focus on design.
2. Design is not limited to the traditional professions; everyone should be invited to participate.
3. There does not currently exist an entity that galvanizes all professions and the community around design.
4. We are greater as a whole than as individuals.
5. Design is not only an outcome, it is a process.
6. Design adds value.

The Organization Aims To:
- Be a neutral entity in the city of Baltimore dedicated to advancing the role of design in the region;
- Create a collective force by unifying fragmented entities around design and inviting the broader community to become an integral part of the process;
- Become the catalyst that fosters design thinking, innovative ideas, and visionary outcomes;
- Promote multidisciplinary collaboration with an emphasis on cultivating new perspectives;
- Advocate design for the greater good;
- Become the voice for design and design thinking in Baltimore.