There will be Fracking


On Tuesday, November 1st, we've got two events we'd like to let you know about:

Come to the Windup Space, 10 W. North Ave., for a screening of There Will Be Blood, a drama about oil prospecting in the American West at the turn of the last century. Milkshakes and Fracktinis not included (unless we change our minds and get really ambitious). Screening starts at 6pm.


Come to the Enoch Pratt Central Library on Cathedral St. for a screening of Gasland, filmmaker Josh Fox’s exploration of the the Halliburton-developed drilling technology called "fracking", or hydraulic fracturing, a controversial method for releasing natural gas deposits, currently being used in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. 5pm reception, 6pm screening, talk and Q&A with Director Josh Fox to follow.

PS - if you come to Windup for the TWBB screening, you can also use the chance to drop off any work you'd like to contribute to our next show at 218 Saratoga St.: Network (Temporary Permanent Collection) click here for more details.

And also - don't forget that 218 Saratoga St. and Dcenter are hosting the Creative Alliance's Art to Dine For event this wednesday, the 26th: Dancin' Down on Saratoga. Click here for more information and tickets.

Josh Fox